Zabeel Park : unique entertainment destination

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If you want to enjoy a day full of entertainment with the family, then, Zabeel Park would be the perfect place for you. Along with its magnificent panoramic views on the lake there, the park has a good number of facilities and services, and offers entertaining and educational shows in its vast area.

Zabeel Park - unique entertainment destination

Zabeel Park is one of the largest parks in Dubai, as it is spanning in an area of 47.5 hectares, equivalent to 45 football playgrounds. This in no strange, as it features more than 3000 palm trees and nearly 7000 other trees of 14 different species.

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The park has a number of good facilities and services such as children’s adventure playground, children’s party and activity rooms, lake with boat rides, ice rink and ice skating, cafes, jogging tracks, mini golf, mini cricket pitch, skateboard park, mega-bowl for holding events, and Wi-Fi connectivity.


The park also offers a 3D cinema and educational and entertaining interactive shows in its communication zone, techno zone and alternative energy zone.
It also has an exhibition gallery, activity area including mini golf, skateboard park, BMX track, a mega-bowl that is used for weddings, parties, birthday and such other occasions. There is also a mini cricket pitch. The boating lake has pedal boats, row boats and motor boats.

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This amazing park is provided by a number of beautifully designed booths offering visitors refreshments and cool drinks, along with quick meals and snacks. And on a side of the lake, sits the main restaurant of Zabeel Park, offering a variety of foods that satisfy all tastes from all Arab and Chinese food, to Indian and European.

zabeel restaurant

Working Hours: 8:00am to 11pm; Thu, Fri – 8:00am to 11:30pm.

Phone: 043986888 / 0507252994

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