Work Begins on Nakheel and RIU Hotels & Resorts at Deira Islands

Work Begins on Nakheel and RIU Hotels & Resorts at Deira Islands

Dubai developer Nakheel and Spanish hospitality company RIU Hotels & Resorts (RIU)have started developing the Dh900 million beachfront resort and waterpark at Deira Islands in Dubai.

The 800-rooms resort is set on a 3.4 million square foot plot at Deira Islands. The waterpark will occupy 10 per cent of the overall area. It will also feature, four swimming pools, a kids’ club, spa and fitness centre.

Dining facilities include an all-day restaurant, a speciality restaurant, four beach eateries and an evening dining area with a stage for live shows and entertainment.

Infrastructure and coastal works are under way at Deira Islands, which will add 40 kilometres, including 21 kilometres of beachfront, to Dubai’s coastline.

Nakheel and RIU Hotels & Resorts at Deira Islands

Nakheel is also developing Deira Mall and Deira Islands Night Souq  -with 5.300 shops, a marina and an amphitheatre seating 30.000 people- among others at the 15.3 square kilometre waterfront development.

RIU has more than 100 hotels, with around 45,000 rooms between them, in 19 countries. Together, these welcome over four million guests a year. RIU is one of the Caribbean’s most popular hotel chains and Spain’s largest in terms of revenue.

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