Where to take amazing photos in Dubai?

Where to take photos in Dubai

Where to take amazing photos in Dubai?

The city of Dubai impresses every photographer and motivates him to be creative. Dear reader, we will highlight the most important places that let you take better photos, so if you’re an amateur, beginner or professional in the field of photography follow us in this article:

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina:

In fact, Dubai Marina is considered as one of the best places to take photos because it combines the beauty of the sea, the yachts and high buildings added to the most important tourist destinations in Dubai.

Jumeirah City

Jumeirah City:

The great place to get nice photos in Jumeirah City, is the traditional market inside the city.

Wafi MallWafi Mall:

is a significant milestone for photography lovers,  where the decoration is characterized by the beauty of the architecture, colored glass windows and carved statues.

Khan Murjan

Khan Murjan:

It is inspired by an infamous ancient subterranean souk in Baghdad, and draws on all four corners of the Arab world, with influences from Egyptian, Syrian, Turkish and Moroccan architectural styles.

The majestic stained glass window that dominates the ceiling took a team of skilled craftsmen many months to create, using types of glass

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