Where To Dine This Weekend (4): Al Moohit Restaurant

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As we promised you in UAEzoom website, the dining suggestion series “Where To Dine This Weekend” continues to offer you some of the best dining venues to enjoy in the UAE. This week, our recommendation is one of the greatest, most loved seafood restaurants in Ras Al Khaymah: Al Moohit Restaurant.

Mainly using the finest ingredients and  the freshest of the best fish, this restaurant offers guests what they expect of a “great seafood meal concept. It prepares delicious seafood with authentic flavors that once you try, you’d be surly coming back for more. More credit to this restaurant comes from the friendly helpful, dedicated staff, as well as from the great service and excellent hospitality.

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Al Moohit Restaurant is also known and much preferred for its reasonable prices and generous portions. The restaurant is keen to satisfy everyone of its guests by offering a menu with a variety of choices and categories, including soups seafood salads, Lebanese salads, appetizers, dynamite, harvest, seafood curries and Indian masala.

You don’t want to miss the great Mexican shrimp cocktail with the tasty sayadia seafood, the biryani lobster or the fish masala. For the best experience, pick out some Lebanese salad like the famous babagnosh or the tehina salad, and enjoy appetizers like seafood sambosa cocktail or shrimps with lemon sauce before you start your coming unforgettable seafood meal at Al Moohit Restaurant.

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Al Moohit Restaurant

Address: Al Qasimi Corniche Rd, Near HSBC Bank – Ras al Khaimah – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 50 677 8330 / +971 72 272 211
E-mail: info@oceanseafood.ae
Facebok: https://www.facebook.com/Al-moohit-restaurant-325664767631798/

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