Where is the Greater and Lesser Tunb Island?

Where is the Greater and Lesser Tunb Island

Where is the Greater and Lesser Tunb Island?

The Greater and Lesser Tunbs are two beautiful small islands in the Persian Gulf close to the Strait of Hormuz. Today we will give you some important information about the Greater and Lesser Tunb Island:

Lesser Tunb: The Lesser Tunb island takes the form of triangle, it is one of the most beautiful islands in the Persian Gulf, about 8 km east of Greater Tunb, is less than 2 square miles in area and has no fresh water or inhabitants.

Greater and Lesser Tunb Island

Greater Tunb, 27 km southwest of the large Iranian island of Qeshm, has a total area of about 3 square miles. There are no permanent freshwater sources on the island and historically no permanent settlements, although it was occupied seasonally.

In 1971, this island was occupied by Iran, since British forces announced the complete withdrawal from the area, and now the United Arab Emirates calls for the necessity of Iran’s withdrawal from the occupied islands.

The population of this island is about seven hundred people and they are originally from the tribes of Tamim and Greer, the majority of them are working in fishing, trade and there is a category of the population works in herding sheep and agriculture.

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