Watch: The First Leaked Video Shows Snapchat’s New Glasses

Leaked video Shows Snapchat's new glasses

“Business Insider” Site has published for the first time a new video was messaging application Snapchat’s glasses which can record short videos, a product they were reportedly working on for past few years to give tough competition to Google in the ‘wearables’ market.

The video showed a man wearing black glasses with a small ring shaped camera attached to the frame which flashed lights apparently to signal it is recording. The rest of the video weaves through images people might want to record, like a kid’s birthday party, before it closes on a shot of grandparents watching the film on their phones.

The leaked video was removed by Snapchat citing copyright violation. However BI published a screengrab from the video.

Watch Leaked video Shows Snapchat's new glasses

But at around noon on Saturday Snapchat announced its first-ever hardware product, calling Spectacles a “totally new type of camera” because it records videos from “the human perspective.” Snapchat also changed its official company name to Snap Inc.

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