Video: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Visits The Cute, Little Girl Mahrah Al-Shehhi

Video - The Cute, Little Girl Mahrah Al-Shehhi Hosts Sheikh Mohammed

“My people and I will not settle for anything less than first place, for anything less than first place globally”. These famous words by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, were imitated by a cute, Emirati, little girl Mahrah Al-Shehhi.

With a cute toothless smile, she imitates Sheikh Mohammed and wages her little finger as she speaks. Mahrah Al-Shehhi, who is about three years old, was able draw attention of thousands of people since posting the video on Instagram by the name m.alshehi.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed was one of those who fell in love with the cuteness of Mahrah, and he humbly tweeted asking if anyone knows the girl, as he is eager to meet her.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid

Sheikh Mohammed visited the girl in here house in Sharjah, and was delighted to see her as he carried her and praised her beautiful black address, while she shyly repeated his words about the first place.

Here is the video where Sheikh Mohammed visites the little girl.

And here is the video where Mahara says his words.

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