Video: Fantastic View Of Dubai From The Sky

Video Fantastic View Of Dubai From The Sky

Filmmaker Joseph Hutson has produced a masterpiece for Dubai Film, with a 4k aerial reel showcasing some of Dubai’s most spectacular moments from the past five years.

View Of Dubai From The Sky

In just one minute and 40 seconds he manages to pack in footage of Jetman’s stunt with Emirates, base jumpers at the Burj Khalifa, hot air balloons above The Palm Jumeirah, the incredible world record-breaking firework display on New Year’s Eve, Breitling wingwalkers, and the epic Dreamjump stunt.

Fantastic View Of Dubai From The Sky

Joseph Hutson’s 4K footage used is the work of 12 people, with helicopter pilots, rigging handlers, drone flyers and producers all being credited. So hat tip from Time Out Dubai to Camera Operator Joseph Hutson, Helicopter Pilots Andy Nettleton and Andrew Masterson, Excitor Pilot Nasser Al Neyadi, First AC Joel E Schaeffer, Rigging team Michael Dix, Andy Gribble, and Joel, Drone Pilot Ahmad Al Amlah, Producers: Irene Proimos and Marta Espinosa Gironella Gayton, and Executive Producer Omar Obaid Eisa.

CAMERA: RED Digital EPIC-M – Mysterium X 5K RED Digital EPIC-M – Dragon 6K DJI Inspire1 Sony F55 Canon 5Dmiii

Lenses: Angenieux 24-290 T2.8 Fujinon 18-85 T2 Canon 30-300 T3 Canon 16–35 F2.8 Fujinon 42x 9.7mm

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