UAE participates in the Arab youth campaign ” No to terrorism “

UAE participates in the Arab youth campaign - No to terrorism -  Cairo.

UAE participated in the works of the Arab youth campaign that was launched by the Arabic University,  with collaboration with the Minister of Youth and Sports Council of Arab, entitled ” No to violence. No to extremism. No to terrorism”.

This happened in the headquarters of the university in Cairo, with the presence of the Arabic University Secretary General Dr. Nabil Elaraby, the Arab ministers of Youth and Sports, representatives of international and regional bodies and headquarters of the General Secretariat of the University.

Dr. Nabil Elaraby - Cairo - UAE - No to terrorism

In his speech before the ceremonial launch of the campaign at the headquarters of the Arab League, Dr. Nabil Elaraby stressed on the importance of launching the initiative to counter violence and extremism, and to send a strong message to decision-makers that young people are a peace-loving by nature and that they are willing to address all forms of violence, extremism, crime and terrorism.

He also called for the need of “investing” the young as they are the leaders of nations who will be able to carry the community towards better future.

For his part, Mr. Khalid Abdul Aziz, Minister of Youth and Sports of Egypt, stressed on the  importance of the campaign in protecting young people from violence, extremism and terrorism saying that these attitudes threaten Arab national security.

Mr. Khalid Abdul Aziz - Cairo - UAE - No to terrorism 1

At the end, he called for concerted efforts to protect the young from being dragged behind the extremist and destructive ideas promoted by extremist groups on the social media.

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