UAE Encourages Cycling in Dubai

Achievements to encourage cycling in Dubai 1

Within the framework  of Dubai’s efforts to encourage using bikes for an environmentally friendly , lots of cycling paths and tracks have been provided for practicing this sport. These paths restrictively follow the rules of cycling order to ensure the cyclists’ safety.

A while ago,  Dubai was a very difficult place to practice cycling, but after paths were constructed,  it become a great place for cyclists. One of these is the track in the Nad Al Sheba area which allows more than 200 cyclists to practice the sport at the same time on the road.


Achievements to encourage cycling in Dubai 2


As a result, we find that the “popularity” of cycling has increased in Dubai, especially after the opening of many tracks downtown. Cyclists would love that because Dubai has implemented the highest safety standards such as wearing helmets and providing bikes with front and back lights. Rest areas has also been constructed as an addition to make the cycling experience even more entertaining.

Achievements to encourage cycling in Dubai 3



50 cyclists have experience the new 8.4 kilometers  track that was opened on Sunday 6th of Dec., within the scope of Mohammed bin Rashid City in Dubai. The track is being lighted with solar-power lights to ensure good visibility when cycling or running during the night. It is considered an ideal track for cyclists as it is straight with no obstacles or pitfalls.


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