Turkish Village Restaurant & Café: One Of The Top In Dubai

Turkish Village Restaurant & Café- One Of The Top In Dubai

Rated as one of the top Turkish restaurants in Dubai, the Turkish Village Restaurant & Café will offer you a great dining experience that ” gladdens the heart, delights the eye and captivates the soul”. This contemporary restaurant brings the best of the Turkish culture and cuisine to the heart of the live emirate of Dubai.


The interiors of Turkish Village are decked with enchanting elements of blue and gold, inspired by the rich Ottoman culture and recalling the grandeur of Turkey’s magnificence and splendor.

With three floors and two terraces, the Turkish Village Restaurant & Café can seat and host 500 persons at any given moment. Moreover, it has the skill and knowledge required to host small and large parties and all types of events.

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Turkish Village has a rich menu and varied selections of classic Turkish staples from all regions of Turkey. Main dishes are served with a heap of aromatic rice, grilled tomatoes, peppers and onions. Tasty wraps and sandwiches, as well as fresh and delicious salads that are perfect for lunch after a serving of the fragrant lentil soup.

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Don’t miss trying one of the restaurant’s signature dishes like Sultan Tabak; which is described as “a platter fit for a Sultan”. It is one of Turkish Village’s most impressive dishes featuring a selection of meat and chicken, marinated in the restaurant’s signature sauce and spices.


Or like Kuzu Tandir Pilavli; which must be ordered 4 hours in advance. It is Lamb Tandour with Rice, prepared with a first grade selection of lamb shanks, slowly cooked and roasted for hours, resulting in soft, tender meat that falls away from the bone.


Other signature dishes include Metro Kebab, Konya Etli Ekmek, Tuzda Tavuk, and Bici Bici.

To know more about the restaurant or about the signature dishes, click here to visit the website.

Turkish Village Restaurant and Cafe

Address: TVR Jumeirah-1, Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Tel: 04 3449955
Fax: 04 3444426

Location Map:

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