Top Things to do in Al Ain

Yas Waterworld

It might be smaller and more quiet than Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but Al Ain has lots of places that worth paying a visit. The following article will be listing a number or the best places there ant top Things to do in Al Ain.

Al Qattara Arts Center

Top Things to do in Al Ain- Al Qattara Arts Center

Al Qattara Arts Center - workshop

Al Qattara Arts Center, was basically developed from Al Qattara Fort to become home to a brilliant arts center and gallery that now offers hundreds of modern exhibits within its walls. It also includes classrooms for tutorial sessions and workshops where you can book to share learning oud and piano, photography, traditional crafts, calligraphy, drawing, painting, sculpture and pottery.

The center also has a library, and a café to have breakfast or lunch.

Location: Al Ain
Opening times: Open Saturday to Thursday from 7.30am – 8pm
Phone: + 971 3 761 8080

Hili Fun Park

Hili Fun Park - Top Things to do in Al Ain

Hili Fun Park  - 1

Hili Fun Park is one of the oldest theme parks in the region; it first opened its doors in 1985, but it had gone through a complete refurbishment and transformation in 2009. Hili Fun Park is a perfect family destination featuring more than 30 attractions ranging from thrilling rides and adventures to gentle rides for children of all ages, as the park has a carousel, roller coasters and even a 3D cinema. For more fun, can also hire three-seater bikes and recumbent bikes suitable for up to six people.

Location: Al Ain,Al Hili Area
Phone : – 03-784 4505 / 055 257 7954

Yas Waterworld

 Top Things to do in Al Ain - Yas Waterworld

Yas Waterworld – Dawwama

Yas-Waterworld- 8769860655

If you want to have an adventurous and full of excitement day, you surely should check out Yas Waterworld . It is actually inspired by the UAE’s rich heritage of pearl diving through its unique story of ‘The Legend of the Lost Pearl’. The park is home to 45 exhilarating rides, slides and attractions – five of which can be found nowhere else in the world.

Don’t hesitate to try Dawwama- the world’s first hydro-magnetic tornado waterslide, or Bandit Bomber- the globe’s first interactive water and laser rollercoaster.

Location: Yas Island

Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain zoo 2
As home to over 4,000 animals with at least 30% of its 180 endangered species, Al Ain Zoo is a great destination for animal lovers and families. It is home to many exotic species, ranging from white lions to giraffes from Africa, to wandering herd animals and Arabian native beasts.

It spans over a an area of 900 hectares, and is not only a zoo, it is also a house to number of unique facilities and attractions such as: Al Ain Safari and Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center. It also has a huge birding area along with a restaurant.

Location: Abu Dhabi.
Phone: +971 3 799 2000

Camel Market
Camel Market 1

Camel market of al ain - Things to do in Al Ain
If you want to be more involved in the local life of the Emirati culture, you then should visit the Camel Market ” camel souk”. It is your best chance if you are interested in listening to Arab traders chatting and discussing the price and merits of their animals, along with watching thousands of camels, goats and sheep. It might be a little noisy and pungent, but it surly worth experiencing.

Location: Mezyad Road, Abu Dhabi.

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