Ting Irie, Dubai’s first Jamaican Restaurant & Lounge

Ting Irie, Dubai's first Jamaican Restaurant & Lounge

Ting Irie, Dubai’s first Jamaican restaurant, has opened in April 2016, at Souk Al Manzil, downtown Dubai. Chef Craig Wong supervises the chefs at the restaurant, he combines his Jamaican-Chinese heritage with the techniques and discipline he acquired from years working in Michelin starred restaurants such as, Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée in Paris, followed by Heston Blumental’s Fat Duck in England.

Ting Irie, Jamaican Restaurant & Lounge

The 180-seat restaurant and lounge will feature ingredients sourced directly from Jamaica, including scotch bonnet peppers and pimento seeds. Fresh organic produce and meats will be sourced locally to create dishes such as jerk chicken, Jamaican oxtail, and beach-shack lobster.

first Jamaican Restaurant & Lounge

The menu also includes cubed watermelon salad with pickled rind, cherry tomato, basil, creamy coconut dressing and scallion oil, Jamaican beef patties (also curry vegetable patties), a pulled oxtail sandwich served with coleslaw, spit fiyah jerk rotisserie chicken with Jamaican coleslaw and mango Scotch bonnet salsa, the beach shack lobster; “original gangsta” fried chicken with whipped honey butter; and a dish called Dat Lamb Tho – grilled Australian lamb chops with chilli paste, jerk hummus and crispy chick peas.

Ting Irie

Desserts include the signature carnival funnel cake and the puff pass – a mango-banana sorbet with whipped white chocolate ganache, lime curd and candied macadamia nuts.

As for drinks, there are Ice-cold coconut and freshly squeezed fruit juices will also complement the bold flavors of Ting Irie.

Location: Retail 1, Souk Al Manzil, MBR Boulevard Downtown Dubai

P.O. Box: 414211

Tel.: +971 4 557 5601

e-mail: info@tingirie.com

Web: www.tingirie.com

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