The new smart Island North Deck reach to the UAE

smart Island North Deck reach to the UAE

The North Deck Island has finally arrived from Finland to the UAE and in particular to Dubai, it is one of the new facilities for Burj Al Arab building and now they are putting the final touches on the project to look like the form of a ship at the bottom of the luxury Burj Al Arab Hotel.

Under the supervision of the global luxury Jumeirah hospitality group, the ADMARES global company specialized in marine constructions has carried out the North Deck Island project in the shipyard and yachts in Finland.

Burj Al Arab new island North Deck

The process of construction hasn’t been near Burj Al Arab to ensure the convenience of the hotel guests, therefore the process of construction was in Finland, where the supervisors experts keen on building the island by applying the highest standards whether the manufacturing process or through the finishing touches that were added carefully.

The new smart Island North Deck reach to the UAE

The surface of the North Deck Island has been constructed and developed by using technology in an artistic way, as well as the adaptation of global expertise in the design and manufacturing with a focus on the benefits of friendly environmental facilities.

The Island will take a place on the front side of Burj Al Arab, where the surface reaches a weight of 5 thousand tons of steel, with an area of 10 thousand square meters.

The new smart Island North Deck

Named the Burj North Deck, Jumeirah’s new paradise will include 32 beach cabanas, 400 sun loungers.

Guests will have a choice of two swimming pools, one of them from sea water, plus of course there will be a restaurant and a bar available.

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