The impact of Makeup on an 80-Year-Old Grandma!

Makeup 80-Year-Old Grandma

On social media, we’ve all seen photos of women which shows their before-and-after makeup transformations. Typically the first step involves contouring, which has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Makeup has played a key role in the women’s goods industry, as every women would seek a perfect dramatic-change look in every wedding, event, party she attends or even when going to work.

Women in the middle east are also known for their artistic Makeup transformations. where contouring, using crazy smokey eye shadows, and adding the traditional black Arabic ” Kuhul – eyeliner ” can make a great transformation.


Dear reader, today we’ll show you a major Makeup contouring transformation! The story began when the grandma “Livia” who is 80-year-old asked her granddaughter for a make-up transformation.

Makeup 80-Year-Old Grandma

Her granddaughter the European make-up artist Tea Flego used her Contouring skills to give her Grandma a new look, and eliminate no less than 20 years of age. Tea filmed the process for sharing on YouTube to see what would her followers think.

“I love my granny Livia,” says Croatian makeup artist Tea Flego

However, the videos were widely shared on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Google+, snapchat –  to become the latest internet sensation,  Livia the grandmother is now known across the internet as Glam-Ma! as her Glamours Makeup transformations were just amazing.


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