The best Chinese restaurants in Dubai

The best Chinese restaurants in Dubai

The Emirate of Dubai attracts a significant number of charming Chinese restaurants, which enables you to travel across civilizations of the Asian continent, where the restaurants share the decoration and excellent services in following the rules of hygiene and health. the following is a list of the best Chinese restaurants in Dubai:

China Sea Restaurant

China Sea Restaurant: This restaurant offers a range of authentic Chinese dishes, The restaurant staff is professional, friendly and offers excellent service all around.  If you want a Chinese cuisine restaurant which has great food, wonderful service and unique ambience, the China Sea is it.

Zheng He's Restaurant

Zheng He’s Restaurant: This restaurant offers you a list of traditional Chinese dishes in a quiet atmosphere and modern decor that combines tradition and modernity, and perhaps meatball soup is one of the tastiest dishes served at this restaurant located at the Jumeirah Port peace.

Yuan Restaurant

Yuan Restaurant: This restaurant offers a range of premium and luxury Chinese dishes like shrimp and grapefruit salad, the advantage of this restaurant is presenting an important list of desserts. You can visit this restaurant at the Palm Atlantis Hotelon the island of Palm Jumeirah.

The China Club restaurant

The China Club restaurant: This restaurant features a list of traditional dishes popular in China. The lobster fried dish is one of the most successful of these dishes in Dubai,  you can visit this restaurant at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira.

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