The best 5 Eastern Hammam Spas in Dubai

The best 5 Eastern Hammam Spas in Dubai

These days stress is a part of life, Between constant deadlines, long working hours and the city’s notorious traffic jams, fatigue and anxiety often take over and there is little time left to enjoy the many pleasures the emirate of Dubai has to offer.

It is important to have some time to rest and relax! For this reason Dubai offers you a large number of Hammam spas, that provides all the elements of comfort through cosmetic help to remove dead skin cells and remove toxins from the skin as a result of climatic conditions that are exposed daily in the work period. If you need to relax and have a massage, this is a list of the best 5 Eastern Hammam Spas in Dubai:

One&Only Royal Mirage Spa

  • One&Only Royal Mirage Spa: Located in Jumeirah Beach Road, it provides a wide variety of tailored treatments designed to unwind, balance and uplift. The spa features whirlpools, massage rooms, Jacuzzis and plunge showers set in a traditional Oriental Hammam with heated massage tables. The spa provides separate treatments and operating hours for men and women in an exclusive haven designed to relax the body and mind.

Tips & Toes Spa

  • Tips & Toes Spa: The design of this Spa is simple if you compare it to the major hotels, but it might be the best in offering important eastern therapies by providing five integrated treatments programs using natural materials, in addition to its affordable prices.

Saray Spa Dubai Marriott

  • Saray Spa Dubai Marriott: If you love the atmosphere of luxury and sophistication at the eastern spas that gives you comfort and relaxation at the highest grades, we recommend you to visit Saray Spa JW Marriott Dubai, it offers many luxury body treatments using the finest natural materials that will help you to renew your vitality and skin at the same time.

Talise Ottoman Spa

  • Talise Ottoman Spa: Located behind exquisitely carved turquoise doors within the elite Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Hotel, this palatial spa offers guests a unique spa experience. offers limitless options in ways to pamper yourself, including thalassotherapy pools, snow rooms, saunas, hydrotherapy rooms and floating baths.

Al Asalla Spa at Dubai Ladies Club

  • Al Asalla Spa at Dubai Ladies Club: It contains of three Moroccan baths designed with decor inspired of Moroccan history and originality. It offers several treatments for skin problems using natural materials.

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