St Petersburg The First Honeymoon Island in Dubai

St Petersburg The First Honeymoon Island in Dubai

The largest European developer in the UAE “Kleindienst”, and developer of ” The Heart of Europe ” in Dubai, has revealed plans for its ‘St Petersburg’ the first honeymoon Island in the UAE.

St Petersburg Island at The Heart of Europe, just 6.5km from the coast of Dubai. The idea for the island is inspired by honeymoon hotspots found in the Maldives, Bora Bora and the Caribbean.

St Petersburg The First Honeymoon Island

Surrounded by 90 Floating Seahorse villas, apart from an underwater villa. The islands can be accessed using private transfers either by helicopters, seaplanes, or boats. Guests will also get complete privacy, a 24/7 butler service, and a combination of the idyllic island life and the busy city life.

On the island, guests will have access to an infinity pool, shallow lagoons, lush tropical gardens and a pool bar and restaurant. Snorkeling and diving activities will also be offered, along with spa and relaxation facilities.

Other islands in The Heart of Europe include Sweden, Germany, Main Europe, Switzerland and Monaco. Guests at St Petersburg can also access Main Europe and Switzerland. Main Europe, the largest island in The Heart of Europe, is proposed as the hub among all clusters.

As an alternative choice for newlyweds, The Honeymoon Hotel on Main Europe Island at The Heart of Europe is set to open at the end of 2018.

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