Sneak Peek at IKEA’s newest Viktigt collection

Sneak Peek at IKEA Viktigt collection

Everyone loves to have some unique and eye-rolling decoration pieces to be added to their home! and there is no better place to shop at, than the amazing IKEA!

If you’re one of IKEA fans you’re going to love the Viktigt collection, IKEA has teamed up with Swedish designer ” Ingegerd Råman “, known for her streamlined ceramic and glass work, on a new limited-edition collection that is chic enough for city living, but imbued with a rustic vibe.

Viktigt collection ranges from handmade glassware to furniture woven from natural fibers, It includes seating, baskets, rugs, lamps, bowls, and sets of artfully designed glass and ceramic. The aesthetic is marked by discreet details, sleek lines, and natural fibers.

You can’t shop the Viktigt collection in stores until May 23, but until then, Here are some of our favorite looks and pieces from the collection, we hope you like Viktigt collection.


Viktigt Basket, $25 – IKEA

Viktigt Sofa

Viktigt Sofa, $179 – IKEA

IKEA bowls

Viktigt Pitcher $8, Bowls, $15 for two, Sering Plates $30 for three – IKEA

Viktigt collection

Viktigt Chair $59

Viktigt Carafe

Viktigt Carafe With Glass $15

Viktigt Serving Plates

Viktigt Serving Plates, $15 for set of four

Rug - IKEA

Viktigt Flatwoven Rug, $30

Viktigt Pendant Lamp - IKEA

Viktigt Pendant Lamp Shade, $35

Viktigt collection Basket

Viktigt Basket, $18-$25

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