Siraj Restaurant: Emirati-Levantine Experience

Siraj Restaurant-- Emirati-Levantine Experience

A new restaurant in Souk Al Bahar in Downtown Dubai, offering  delicious blend of Emirati and Levantine fusion cuisine, with local-flavored ambiance and fantastic views of the world-famous Dubai Fountains.

The decor of the venue embodies the concept of “old meets new” and has a certain amount of symbolism, as you see seven arches representing the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, and golden horses signifying a side of the Emirati culture. The walls also feature Arabic calligraphy and poems by HH Sheikh Mohammed, giving the whole place a very local flavor.

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The concept of “old meets new” is not only represented in the interior. It is also recognized in the menu of siraj restaurant; a mixture of traditional Middle Eastern dishes and contemporary reinterpretations combining authentic flavors with modern twists. “Founded by entrepreneur, influencer and culinary enthusiast Heba Rumhein, Siraj was keen to present a unique menu with a blend of delicious Emirati-Levantine flavors”.

You can see some Emirati dishes along with Lebanese cuisine, Japanese wagye beef, lobster and some other international dishes with local spices. However, a number of best dishes that deserve to be tried are:  camel tenderloin, Shrimps majboos and Emirati mixed grill.


Location: Souk Al Bahar, Downtown Dubai, Dubai.
T: +971-4-513-6207
T: +971-4-513-6205

Siraj  website: /

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