Rule of Black Points on Driving License in Dubai

Rule of Black Points on Driving License in Dubai

Since it has been going in a massive progress in the transport network and roads system, the UAE needed to arrange a number of rules and regulations to be followed in order for traffic violations to be kept to a least, especially that the UAE has been home to various nationalities- which indeed means plenty of different driving styles. For this reason, The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Police had to develop a new Rule of Black Points, that will be discussed below. (Note that the rule of Black Point should be similar, or slightly different, in Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE).

Rule of Black Points

Rules of Black Points

To encourage safe driving practices, and along with the already followed fines system, Dubai Police has developed the black points system in order to decrease bad driving and violations. The black points system works as following: every particular violation you make, a certain number of black points will be issued against your driving license. For example, if you were caught recklessly driving, 12 black points will be issued, with a fine of Dh.2000 . You may be banned from driving any kind of vehicle if your black points exceed a total of 24 points.

Similarly, black points- may be issued with a fine, are charged for other violations such as causing serious injuries or jumping a red light.

Traffic in Dubai

Black point on rental cars

If you were driving a rental car, your car hire company may pay the fine and include the cost in their charges to you. The fine will be charged to the vehicle, while the black points will be charged to the vehicle owner. The process of transferring black points is a right of the vehicle owner that he can use; he can transfer the black points to the driver who was then driving the vehicle.

For transferring the black points, the owner can visit the customer service center along with the person who was driving, to declare that he was driving. Then the driver will accept the black points against his license- registered online users can transfer black points online.

Rule of Black Points on Driving License in Dubai 76587

Black Points Validity

If the accumulated black points reached to 24 at any point of time during one year, the driving license will be revoked for a year. A month’s time will be given to the offenders from the date of issuance of fine by the traffic department. The driver will have to sign a paper agreeing that he has indeed committed the violation, which puts legal liability on the person.

Reducing or Removing Black Points

As  a kind of spreading more awareness, Dubai Police gives offenders an opportunity to remove up to eight black points from their license by attending four lecture courses on road safety.

Dubai Police has introduced a table of traffic violations that shows fine amount and number of black points resulted from a number of traffic violations. To see the table, click here.


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