Review on the life of princess Haya

Review on the life of princess Haya 897698780

Princess Haya Bin Talal, is the daughter of His Majesty the late Kingordan Hussein Bin Talal (1935 – 1999),and Her Majesty the Queen Alia Al Hussein (1948 – 1977) and the wife of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. Sheikh Mohammed and Princess Haya now have two kids: Sheikha Jalilah in 2007, and Sheikh Zayed in 2012.

Princess Haya sincere interest in horses began when she was at the age of six, as she said in an interview with CNN, explaining that she was deeply saddened upon the death of her mother, who died in a helicopter crash accident in February 9th, 1977 while she was on her way back from south Jordan to Amman.

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As she became introverted because of her sadness, her father, King Hussein Bin Talal wanted her to shine again and overcome her grief. He managed to transform her sadness into interest of horses as he gifted her a horse that was the start of her passion in horses. Soon, Princess Haya was able to establish a bond relationship that is still lasting till these days.

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Princess Haya later, was able to transform a passion into a career; she participated in the Equestrian World Championship for 2002 which was held in Spain. She also represented Jordan as her country in jumping competition at the Olympic Games in 2000. For that period, she says it was the most beautiful period of her life.

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Princess Haya Al Hussein actually represents the practical young Arab woman type; she is the first Arab woman to head the International Equestrian Federation and participate in equestrian Olympics. She is also the first Arab jockey that holds a license in trucks driving- as she needed it to transport horses for the race. Furthermore, she worked in different stables to strengthen her relation with horses, and she traveled with them in cargo planes.

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For her relationship with her husband HH Sheikh Mohammed , she says it is a deep relation that is based on friendship, tolerance and love. Princess Haya says that it was not a love at first sight as much as it was a sporty challenge at the beginning. They met for the first time in an equestrian competition; he told her he’ll win, and she confirmed she’ll be first. It ended for Sheikh Mohammed to win both the competition and the her heart.

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