Renewed each Ramadan: Asateer Tent in Atlantis Resort

Renewed each Ramadan-Asateer Tent in Atlantis Resort

Palm Atlantis Resort has revealed its new decorations of Asateer Tent, that became able to celebrate and host all visitors with its new expansion to accommodate about 1,000 visitors a day. Officials at the hotel promised that the Tent will be full of surprises and different than the previous years.

Renewed each Ramadan-Asateer Tent in Atlantis Resort 2

The team has made important and fine changes on the internal decorations and furniture of the tent, and added comfortable and luxurious couches with exceptional design that fits the new changes.

Atlantis has also added couches on the sides at the entrance of the tent for visitors and families, in addition to the expansion made for parking spaces- which are not too far from the entrance of the tent.

Renewed each Ramadan-Asateer Tent in Atlantis Resort 76987

Linda Abdul-Hai, director of public relations at the Atlantis Resort, said that this Ramadan is a new chance for visitors to discover the Tent’s elegant “new look”,  adding that the majlis (couches) inside the tent has been renewed with new designs and colors to perfectly fit with the holy month of Ramadan.

She finally concluded by referring to adding distinctive Ramadan dishes that are prepared under the supervision of chef Ali Al Burji.

Atlantis resort actually has several restaurants that keep up with the era of all of its changes to please all tastes, but the new restaurant was named “Ayamuna”- which means “Our Days”, or “Nowadays”, by the resort management, as it represents a new look on the authentic Arabic dishes that Emiratis prefer in the month of Ramadan.

Renewed each Ramadan-Asateer Tent in Atlantis Resort 75876

For reservations and inquiries: +97144260800

To read this in Arabic click here.

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