Regular Inspection Campaigns on Restaurants in Ramadan

Regular inspection campaigns on restaurants during Ramadan - 8078969o

Dubai Municipality has revealed the launching of regular inspection campaigns during Ramadan on restaurants in general,  and traditional restaurants in particular, as they usually gain great popularity in this blessed month.

Undercover inspectors and even the public will be used to examine the locations of prepared foods, and vehicles used for transporting food, in order to detect violations and to ensure that these operations are compatible with the best safety conditions and technical rules.

Visiting the Ramadan tents, where activities extends until the early hours of the morning, are also included in the inspection campaigns.

The importance of these campaigns comes from ensuring safety of consumers’ health, and safety of prepared food during the holy month.

Regular inspection campaigns on restaurants during Ramadan

Sultan Ali Tahir,  Head of Food Inspection Section at Dubai Municipality, emphasized on the importance of following the rules regarding safety and heath preservation, and stressed that owners of restaurants and cafes should be holding the necessary permits from food safety management to display food in front of their shops, especially before Iftar time.

Al Tahir also said that restaurants are banned to display any type of cooked foods or meats before Iftar time, stressing that only snacks are allowed to be displayed. He demanded all workers to wear gloves and headbands while preparing food.

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