Reasons why Dubai is the most amazing city

Dubai is the most amazing city

Unquestionable, Dubai is the most amazing city you’d ever visit. In this article, we introduce you to some of reasons that made it  that famous and special.

It is Home to architectural feats

Reasons why Dubai is the most amazing city

With a number that reaches up to 900 completed skyscrapers, Dubai will surely rise to the top of the most amazing city among the UAE seven Emirates and among the world. At Dubai, you will witness a number of the most impressive buildings you will ever lay eyes on, from Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab to largest artificial island of The Palm Island. Wherever you go in this magnificent city, you will be in high spirits seeing all its breath-taking view.

Dubai has a Diversified Economy

Reasons why Dubai is the most amazing city

Years ago, economy of the United Arab Emirates was greatly depending on oil revenues.  But as years passed , the UAE had to start diversifying its economy by decreasing its dependence on oil. More specifically,  and in contrast to other Middle Eastern economies, Dubai won’t be decimated by the decline in oil prices. Instead, it is now – and will be- depending more on trade tourism, business, finance and transportation.

Rich in Malls and perfect for shoppers

Dubai malls

It has been said that : at Dubai, You will Shop Until you Drop. It is the city that satisfies shopaholics as they can wander between the most famous brand shops in more than a hundred enormous and well-designed malls around Dubai. No wonder that dubai is one the most amazing cities around the world; it has a number of the biggest malls in the Arabian region and in the world.

Coming up with distinctive ideas that has never been done

ski dubai

Only in Dubai, you can go skiing in the desert, or skydiving without on land. This is not a riddle, you can really do that! Located in the Mall of Emirates, Dubai offers visitors some relief from the heat outside in the Middle East’s first indoor ski center “Ski Dubai” that has tube slides, slopes and jumps and a 3 000-metre interactive Snow Park and Zip Wire. Similarly, Mirdif City Center offers you an indoor skydiving center that will make you experience flying on land through the world’s first-ever double and vertical wind tunnel that will suspend you about three or four meters above the ground.

Great isn’t it? These are just two examples of the hundreds offered in Dubai.

Cherishing women

Cherishing women

The UAE and all of its Emirates are paying a great attention and care to women in all fields, in order to rise up with a civilized, modern and open country. About 8 women hold ministerial positions in the UAE Cabinet, constitute % 66 of the public sector workforce with %30 in senior and decision-making positions.

Going in line with the wise leadership directives, Dubai executes and develops a huge number of projects in order to promote the role of women in the Emirate society.

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