Past, Present and Future Meet at Le Pain Quotiden

Past, Present and Future Meet at Le Pain Quotiden ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

Le Pain Quotidien, the name of the bakery and restaurant means in English “the daily bread”.

The story begins with a little child who learned the beauty of baking with his aunt Simone. Together, they prepared dough for bread and baked loaves and boules, in addition to making dozen tarts, too.

“His taste for baking up happiness reaches far back into the legac of his past”, as Alain’s mother’s parents owned a restaurant near Liège in Belgium, and his father trained as a chef.

Alain even studied at the same hotel school that his father attended in Namur, Belgium. He followed in their footsteps until it was time to mark his own path.

Le Pain Quotidien Restaurant at Dubai Mall8iy

As he grew up, and once he decided to open his bakery, Alain recalled a memory of his father exclaiming “moi, ce n’est pas mon pain quotidien!” literally translating to “it’s not my daily bread”.

The first Le Pain Quotidien opened in Brussels in 1990, and within a few months 10 more locations opened, all serving the classic, rustic loaves Alain grew up with. And now, Le Pain Quotidien has bakery and restaurants in about 200 locations throughout the world.

Le Pain Quotidien uses simple and pure ingredients of great bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, and the sweetest jams and preserves to offer you the greatest dining experience.

Past, Present and Future Meet at Le Pain Quotiden ‫(2)‬ ‫‬

Every item that we offer combines our just-baked breads with thoughtful ingredients. This is the nourishing foundation that feeds every moment”.

For breakfast at  Le Pain Quotiden Restaurant, you can “awaken to the excitement of new possibilities”: start your day enjoying a meal of mushroom and cheese omelettes, homemade granola-topped organic yogurt, or a basket of fresh artisan bread surrounded by a variety of the restaurant’s specialty spreads”.

Other choices at the menu include croissant and pain au chocolate, organic oatmeal, soft boiled organic bread and others to enjoy.

Past, Present and Future Meet at Le Pain Quotiden

You can also reclaim your day with a midday break and enjoy the simplicity of good food and good company at your own pace. You can navigate in the menu between grilled chicken tartine with mozzarella di bufala, a lentil and avocado salad or classic croque madame, along with other great choices the menu has.

Le Pain Quotidien Restaurant at Dubai Mall
 Address: Mall of Emirates، Ground Floor, Next to Zara – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone:+971 4 341 0041

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