Pakistani Babysitter to pay Dh200,000 for causing infant’s death

Pakistani Babysitter to pay Dh200,000 for causing infant's death

A Pakistani babysitter  A.M., has been ordered to pay Dh200,000 in blood money for negligence in taking care of a baby girl aged less than two years and unintentionally causing her death.

The 31-year-old woman was looking after the girl in her house, which she was using as a unlicensed nursery, when the incident occurred and the girl fell from a sofa and died in July 2015.

Babysitter to pay Dh200,000 for causing infant's death

According to Dubai Criminal Court, a Pakistani A W, 31, posted her services as a nanny on the dubizzle website. The toddler’s Moroccan mother K A, 22, said she was looking for a nursery for her child while she was at work.

She agreed to let the Pakistani care for her daughter from 7am to 3pm for Dh650, She only sent her daughter twice, on July 9 last year and July 12, the day the toddler died.

The second day they received a call to inform them that their daughter was not well and that they should go there quickly

When they reached, the couple found their daughter was hardly able to breathe and could not open her eyes.

They carried her to a nearby health centre and gave her oxygen to help her breathing. From there she was moved by ambulance to a hospital.

The girl died at around 3am the following day at the Intensive Care Unit due to internal bleeding and liver and heart failure.

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