Over a Million Work in Dubai and Yet Live in Other Emirate

Over a Million Work in Dubai and Yet Live in Other Emirate

Why Do Million People Work in Dubai but Live in Other Emirate?

Dubai Statistics Center  has recently  pointed out that over one million UAE residents work in Dubai but actually live in one of the other emirates, noting that this figure has been increasing in the last few years, more specifically between 2013 and 2015 in which  the percentage has risen by 3%.

According to Gulf New website, statistics  in 2015 has revealed that permanent resident population of Dubai was reported at 2.4 million, with an additional 1.1 million people driving down to Dubai for work during peak hours from Saturday to Thursday making Dubai’s population 3.5 million during daytime.

This figure mainly includes employees at the federal and local government departments, the private sector, as well as temporary residents like tourists and sailors.

What is the Reason People Working in Dubai but Do Not Reside There?

Experts say that people prefer to live in other emirates simply as Dubai has high rents and increasing education fees

Generally, cost of living in Dubai is relatively higher than other emirates, “even though rent prices have marginally reduced this year, they have risen significantly over the last five years, pushing a lot of people to move further away from the Dubai seeking lower rents”, Ahmad Bakr, research analyst at Euro Monitor says.

Cost of living  also includes education fees in nurseries, primary and secondary schools,  which are on a constant climb since more schools gaining approval to raise their fees this year.

In this context, school fees are reported to be risen of a percent estimated between 3.21% and 6.42% in the upcoming semester.


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