Nusr- Et steakhouse, Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach


Nusr- Et is a popular Turkish Steakhouse established in 2010 by the Butcher/Chef Nusret Gokce, who is so good at his job that it is said that he was born with a meat cleaver in his hands.

Gokce owns six Nusr-Et restaurant in Turkey and one in London at the international park. This is his recent branch and he is travelling weekly between Turkey and Dubai. He taught himself everything there is to know about butchery, and the restaurant reflects his passion with a menu so detail-oriented that it astonishes patrons.

Nusr- Et steakhouse in Dubai

The chef is taking round in every table grating them and recommend orders for visitor. You will notice the way he cut the steak mostly like a show. Most of the restaurant dishes will be prepared on the table.

Stuff there are friendly and mostly all of them have big mustache, which is traditional in Turkey. Famous music playing all the time with pop music.

Nusr- Et steakhouse

Steaks are amazing at Nusr- Et, as is the Asado – a large slab of succulent beef that falls off the bone. Starters such as the couscous salad are equally as good and perfectly accompany the tender meat. The seafood is just as impressive – the pan-seared salmon with cherry tomatoes, red currants and rocket doused in olive oil is flavoursome and a delight to eat.

Location: Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach – Jumeirah

Tel: 04 407 4100

Cuisine: Turkish

Times: Open daily noon-midnight

Price range: Dhs500+

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