Nannies in Dubai – Helpful Guide

Nannies in Dubai

The reasons vary, but some families in Dubai, or generally in the UAE, need help at taking care of their child. For example, parents may be both employees, which makes the task of taking good care of the children a difficult one. And here rises the importance of nannies.

Nannies in Dubai – Helpful Guid

Nanny Tasks

Most people confuse nannie and housemaids, however, the difference is in responsibilities and tasks of each one, and you should not expect a nanny to help with the housework.  In most families, nannies take the responsibility of a co-parent, and for this particular reason, you have to choose a well- qualified nanny. She’d better to be capable of helping out with the education and well-being of your child.

A nanny is expected to :

* Help out with education and school homework

* Provide childcare such as bathing, dressing, washing and ironing of kids’ clothes.

* Prepare nutritious meals

* Keep the toys and play area neat and tidy

* Play with the kids, organizing parties for them

* Take the kid outside to the park, library etc.

* Developing child’s knowledge and creativity through play

Finding a Nanny

It is much better that you go through a reliable agency to help you find the perfect nanny for your child. We do not recommend hiring a local nanny without following the rules and regulations of sponsoring a nanny in Dubai or the UAE; it is illegal as well as exposing you to risks that might occur of unqualified nannies. Agencies save your time and effort, and are sure to offer you well-qualified nannies by checking some of important backgrounds about them, such as:

* English Literacy/Language Skills- Its always best to hire a nanny who is aware of your language, or atleast English for the sake of your kids.

* Education degree (Diploma)-including the original certificate of qualification.

* CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) and First Aid certifications

* Medical Exams

* Criminal background checks

* Identity checks including driving licence, passport or birth certificate

Popular Agencies to Hire a Nanny

If you want to hire a nanny or looking for some more information about Nannies in Dubai, you could use these agencies:

Nannies Dubai

Busy Bees Dubai:
Tel: 00971-50-7090626 / 00971-4-3713320

Royal nannies

Bespoke British Nannies
EMAIL: TEL: +971 4 311 6707
FAX: +971 4 332 8810


Questions to Ask the Nanny

It is important for you to choose a nanny that you would feel safe to leave your kid with. Thus, you should be paying attention to ask her a number of relative questions such as:

* What kind of activities does she enjoy doing with the children?

* Is she interested to take children to outside activities e.g. swimming, visiting library, music classes etc.?

* What hobbies is she into?

* Is she creative and does she like arts & crafts?

* How would she establish a routine?

* How does she like to spend her free time?

* How would she be acting in cases of emergency, such as injury, allergic reaction, choking, etc.

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