Mori Sushi Restaurant in Dubai

Mori Sushi Restaurant in Dubai

The Mori brand started in Sao Paulo as a small, innovative eatery. A group of young entrepreneurs discovered it on a trip to Brazil; bought the rights to the name and left their Japanese-trained culinary expert — who is now the head chef — behind to learn directly under Mori’s owner. That new partnership resulted in Japanese-Brazilian fusion cuisine.

Mori Sushi

If you’re looking for sushi with a Latin flavour, check out Mori Sushi. Located in Plaza 2 in downtown Dubai Boulevard, its interior is designed around the ancient philosophical idea of feng shui.

Mori Sushi Dubai

And about the prices at Mori Sushi, the appetizers are around 30AED with platters around 50AED. Sushi combos start from 176AED for 24 pieces, Sushi itself is around 50AED for 6 pieces with Maki around 25AED for 6 pieces. Sashimi is also available for around 55AED for 10 pieces.


There is outdoor and indoor seating too, with a great view of the Burj Khalifa and the supercars buzzing round. It’s a cool looking joint where dressing up a little will not make you look out of place. I expect this new arrival in the Sushi scene of Dubai will do very well, but they do need to hurry up with their website.

Sushi Restaurant

Address: Mori Sushi, Tower 2, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai.

Telephone: 045521853

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