More green spaces in Sharjah

More green spaces in Sharjah - 5

Director for Public Parks and Horticulture Department in Dubai Municipality, Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al A’wadi, said that the green spaces in the UAE has risen up to 35% in 2015 in, comparing to 2014, and the percentage is going up for this year, too. He also said that the municipality was able to “cultivate two million square meters of green space last year”.

More green spaces in Sharjah - 1

As for Sharjah Municipality , it works hard to present itself and the UAE in the best picture, as it adopts the idea of developing and enlarging the open green spaces by planting different kinds of trees and flowers all over the city.

The Municipality officials say that these green spaces add artistic touch to Sharjah, and have environmental, health and cultural impact on citizens and tourists.

Public Parks and Horticulture Department in Sharjah works to offer free services to the public such a distributing seeds to citizens, schools, hospitals and government departments to contribute spreading green spaces around the city.

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Director at the department says: “It is one of our responsibilities to provide agricultural guidance to the public, in addition to helping citizens to plant home gardens by protecting plants from pests and diseases and providing citizens with fertilizer  mixtures on demand”.

By asking him about planting palm trees, he said that palm trees are of special interest to citizens because of their historical and heritage value, that’s why the municipality was keen on planting them to be found  almost in all the streets of the city, pointing out that the municipality planted about 25 thousand palm trees in the city of Sharjah.


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