Microsoft newest smart phone with precognitive touch screen

precognitive touch

Among the rattling race in the development of the technology area in general, and the development of smart phones in specific, Microsoft has released an even smarter phone with “precognitive touch screen” feature, as it calls it.

Using the sensors around the edge,  the Microsoft phone anticipate what the user will do as he approaches his finger to the screen, and provides related options on the screen.

precognitive touch screen

Principal researcher at Microsoft, clarified that this smart phone uses the hands “as a window to the mind”.

Sensors around the edge of the phone help to detect how the user is grabbing his phone, it also detects when the user is approaching his finger to screen . the phone then, presents context relevant options in a position that are easy to use.

For example, if you’re holding the phone with one hand, the phone presents options that can be used by the thumb of this hand. When holding it with the other hand, options switch to that side of the phone. Accordingly, when you’re holding the phone with two hands, more options appear on both sides.

microsoft touch screen

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