Meet UAE inventors

Meet UAE inventors

Because of UAE efforts in encouraging everyone to rise up with the country, and because it has always been an incubator for everything that helps growing up with the country and developing it, UAE now has its own inventors and pioneers in different fields and of different ages. Each year, UAE records more than 1500 patent application, which reveals the evolution it reached in the invention and creativity field.

In this article, we introduce you to the youngest and most famous Emirati inventors .


Fatima Jassim Khalfan Al Zaabi

This talented young woman obtained several international awards, the most recent was honoring of Barack Obama, President of the United States, for her genius achievement of integrating three-dimensional engineering techniques in PowerPoint presentations program. She also received a merit award from Microsoft for this unique innovation in the field.
Meet UAE inventors - Fatima Jassim Al Zaabi

Khalifa Ahmed Al Rumaithi

Although he was only thirteen-year-old in 2014, Khalifa impressed everyone by occupying first place in the Information Technology Marathon of that Year, by a device he developed for remotely controlling electrical devices, employing modern means of communication. With this “golden rank” Khalifa was able to leave an important mark in the march of scientific and academic research at both national and international level.

Meet UAE inventors - Khalifa Ahmed Al Rumaithi

Hamid Sultan Said bin Dalmook

The field of invention in the UAE is not only limited for students,  it extends to all of society members and ranks. The police Lieutenant Hamid Sultan Said bin Dalmook developed a device that protects sensitive equipment from damage because of rain or water .

Meet UAE inventors Hamid Sultan Said bin Dalmook

Reem Marzouki

The global patent represents a profound proof of the seriousness and depth of research the researcher has reached. This is what Reem Marzouki presented through gaining a patent on developing cars that are dedicated to people with special needs, particularly those who are not able to use their hands for any reason, in which her achievement helps them to drive cars just like normal people.

Meet UAE inventors -  Reem Marzouki

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