Meet Adeeb Baloushi : the youngest Emirati inventor

Meet Adeeb Baloushi - the youngest Emirati inventor  - 34456687

Because of his different contributions in the scientific field, the ten years old boy Adeeb Baloushi has worthily deserved to be chosen as Ambassador of the Emirates Identity Authority, along with the title of the youngest Emirati inventor .He is a reason of pride for every Arab and Emirati person.

Starting his scientific passion at the age of five, Adeeb earned seven patents before completing nine years old.

The first signs of intelligence appeared when he was at a family picnic by the sea, when his polio infected father took off his medical shoe to go swimming as it is not waterproof. The little kid wanted his father to keep doing what he likes with a new waterproof wax shoe; and that’s where he started.

Meet Adeeb Baloushi - the youngest Emirati - 25467

He also developed a small robot to help his mother clean the house, and a “medical” car belt that can measure the driver’s heartbeat, and send the family a warning in case if something went wrong. He also developed a smart helmet for firefighters connected to a trace device to the control chamber to guide the firefighter.

Meet Adeeb Baloushi - the youngest Emirati inventor

Despite of his young age, Adeeb was able to follow the flock of inventors and scientists, proving that the son of the UAE is able to contribute in the human progress and keep up with evolution.

Meet Adeeb Baloushi - the youngest Emirati inventor - 976908

Balushi won the title of youngest Emirati inventor,  when he was six, and he received Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Award for his distinguished academic performance, after being nominated by Al Qeyam Model School.

He was honored as the youngest Arab inventor interested in the science of robot,  and was also honored by both The Jubilee Center for Excellence in Education (JCEE) and the Arab Robotics Association in Jordan.

In addition to that, the little Emirati inventor also was honored by the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States, and by the Arab Youth Council for Integrated Development who granted him an honorary membership of the Council and presidency of the Young Inventors Commission.

Adeeb Baloushi  the youngest Emirati inventor


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