Main steps of sponsoring a maid in Dubai

sponsoring a maid in Dubai

Due to a number of reasons, some families may need to sponsor a maid  or nanny to help out in the house . Regulations and conditions of sponsoring a maid in Dubai , should be similar for Abu Dhabi and other UAE emirates.

For the remark, we should say that bachelors are not eligible to sponsor a maid; it is only allowed to the head of the family (often male), whose salary is not less than AED 6000 a month or AED 5000 + accommodation.

For sponsoring a maid in Dubai, you need to be applying the following orders : Residence Visa for the maid, Medical Fitness Report and Residence Stamp on Maid’s Passport, Emirates ID application and Issue of Domestic Worker Card.


As for the needed Residence Visa documents , you need to introduce the following:

Salary certificate of sponsor in Arabic (for government employee) OR, labor contract of sponsor (for private employee) and accommodation contract showing minimum 2 bedroom apartment
Typed application form from authorized typing office,
Sponsor’s passport,
Copy of maid’s passport,
Passport photos of maid (minimum 3 required),
Affidavit from embassy/consulate certifying non-relationship, if maid from same country.

To make your maid’s visa, you need to go to an authorized typist and fill up a form for employment entry permit. Then you have to head to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs of Dubai (GDRFA) and submit all documents after attaching courier sticker for the visa.

When you receive the visa, send either original visa or copy to your maid. If only copy was sent, then deposit original at DNATA Visa Desk at Dubai airport or at The Department of Naturalization and Residency (DNRD) counter.

sponsoring a maid

Applying for a residence visa for your maid

Within 30 days of the arrival of your maid’s entry into the country, you need to apply for a residence visa, Emirates ID and medical fitness report.  To do that, visit an authorized typist and pay for either urgent or non-urgent form and then take maid for medical fitness and  Emirates ID biometrics.

At the medical fitness test center, your new maid will be screened for HIV, pregnancy, Hepatitis B, Syphilis, TB & Leprosy.

The medical fitness results will be sent to DNRD electronically, whereas an SMS notification will be sent to the sponsor- or you can await results by courier. You need then to Emirates ID office and submit fingerprints and application.

Submit residence visa application, along with medical fitness report and Emirates ID stamped application to any GDRFA branch. (If you get an SMS from DHA saying ‘Your medical fitness result is sent to GDRFA’, then you can proceed directly to any General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) branch without collecting the medical report, as it will show up in the GDRFA online system).

Go to residency section of GDRFA and take token for automated queue system. When your number comes, submit residency visa typed application. Also attach stamped employment entry permit, maid’s original passport and photo, sponsor’s passport copy, deposit sticker and a salary certificate/labour contract. Do make a copy or note the Emirates ID application number before submission.
To save time, take your maid with you. You must declare to the officer what salary you propose to pay your maid, as this will be entered into the contract. You then will be given the ‘Domestic Worker Identity Card’

To get the Emirates ID card (formerly called National ID), show residency stamp to the typist to update the application, or call EIDA and give them residency number.

For further information on sponsoring a maid in the UAE, renewal of maid visa or cancelling it, visit the Naturalization and Residence Department (DNRD), or check with the UAE immigration department of the emirate in which you live for the latest rules and procedure.

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