Maayavi : for dancing  lovers in UAE


If You are a dancing lover, for fitness, reducing pressure or training to be professional, you really need to consider going to Maayavi Dance and Drama Concept- a performing arts company,  where you can learn the techniques and traditions of Indian dancing.

Since it was first found in 2011, The Maayavi team has been teaching the principles of dance and drama Performing. It has its special teaching style that  combines classical Indian dance and elements of world dance.

Bhakti Harish, company’s founder, has gained several awards for her plays and musicals inside and outside Dubai.  She also had long working years with the Bollywood legend dancer Hema Malini, who is believed to shape her into the performer that she is today.  Bhakti Harish has over 15 years of experience in teaching and choreographing.
Bhakti Harish

Maayavi is currently working on a series of productions that revolve around different dance stories and themes to cater to its international audiences.


For the Maayavi  academy, it  is has  unique training program with a combination of dance and drama designed to create performers. The main focus of the course is to promote Indian dance -dramas packaged to suit the new generation. It  incorporates various dance styles from urban, rural, classic and fitness apart from dramatics. Whereas the  small class size promotes individual attention and focus on each student

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