Luxury Hotel Spa, Raffles Spa

Luxury Hotel  Raffles Spa

It is important to have some time to rest and relax! For this reason Raffles Spa offers 6 comfortable spa suites inclusive of one couples spa suite and over 1200 square meters of spa and wellness facilities.

Luxury Hotel Spa, Raffles Spa

The spa features special revitalizing treatments, inspired by Asian, Middle Eastern and European traditions. The philosophy of Raffles Spa is “observe the lotus” for tranquil calmness. From bud to blossom, to the ultimate radiance of full bloom, there is beauty and purity at each stage.

This unique transformation and energy, appeals to each and every sense. The treatments at Raffles Spa are heartened by these three stages of change – bud (body), blossom (beauty) and bloom (full experiences) – and encourage guests to reflect on the stages of the lotus’ transformation.

Hotel Spa, Raffles Spa

The facilities include separate men’s and ladies hair salons with a devoted male grooming service provided by an expert barber. The facility has separate male and female saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools and experience showers. An outdoor swimming pool offers stunning panoramic views of the city of Dubai complete with a fitness centre offering personal training.

Luxury Raffles Spa Raffles Spa

Location: Raffles Spa, Raffles Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Wafi, Dubai-United Arab Emirates.

P.O. Box 121800

Tel.: +971 4314 9870

Fax: +9714 324 6000



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