La Perle : the first aqua-based show in UAE

La Perle- Habtoor city

The construction and preparing for La Perle in Dubai has almost finished, and will be opening in Dec, 2016 by Al Habtoor Group. La Perle , that is located in the heart of Al Habtoor City, will be the first permanent aqua-based show in the country.

The show in La Perle will be boasting 450 performances a year, and featuring a cast of 65 world-class artists who work side by side with specialized technicians to introduce perfect shows.

Al Habtoor City -La Perle 11

For the unique and unmatched performances, an honorable mention goes to Franco Dragone, an Italian-Belgian theater director that is widely known for his theatrical work and live shows around the world.
Dragone said about “La Perle”: It will be the most awe-inspiring and technically advanced theater production I have ever produced and directed’.

Franco dragone- La Perle

For more perfectness, the 1,300 seat theater will feature an ‘aqua-stage’ filled with 2.5 million liters of water with lifts that enable the stage to change from a dry platform to aquatic stage and vice versa.

For the remark, Al Habtoor city is one of the most amazing places in UAE, in which it comprises more than three hotels and three high-rise residential towers commissioned by Al Habtoor Group.  Mohammed Al Habtoor, vice-chairman and CEO of Al HزG. said: “Together with Dragone, the Al Habtoor Group is leading the way to a new era of iconic theatrical entertainment for Dubai, that will be a unique world-class theatre similar to the famous theaters of Las Vegas and Macau.


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