KidZania in Dubai Mall : different concept of kids fun

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KidZania in Dubai Mall is one of the most fantastic places for your kid to spend fun educational time. It is mainly a safe and interactive center where children can lead independent lives and get to understand the grown-ups world better, by being grown-ups themselves with simulation activities that mimic real live in all fields.

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As It is a complete city with a hospital, fire station, supermarket,  beauty salon, bank, radio station, television station, theater, and much more; children can choose and participate in more than 80 different roles including that of surgeons, firefighters, chefs, models, actors, engineers, artists, radio hosts, television hosts, photographers or jewelry designers making each visit to KidZania a new and exciting experience for them.

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As kids first visit KidZania they can open their own personal savings account at the bank of KidZania. Then they receive ” kidZos” the currency of the city in which they will use later to shop, play, buy products or use for services around the city. They can also get their own debit card to be used at any of the city’s ATMs.

KidZania  897657

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For every job they perform around the city, kids can earn kidZos. The more children work, the more they earn, and the more they can experience.

“Zupervisors” are all around the city to provide support for kids in each activity. Zupervisors are trained adults who guide and help kids accomplish their tasks as they work and play.

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