Khalifa Burger : new sandwich in Dubai

Firebird Diner-  Khalifa Burger


If you are a burger addict, you would’ve heard that National Hamburger Day/week  is celebrated each year in many countries around the world in honor of this classic sandwich.

As it is approaching, “Firebird Diner” restaurant in UAE  is participating in the ” burger week” event in the coming  period between 22nd  and May 28th on its own way.

Khalifa Burger new sandwich in Dubai 349889976

During this period, the restaurant will be offering a huge  burger sandwich that is prepared of several layers containing American beef slices, burned geese liver, black truffle along with other tasty bizarre ingredients.

The sandwich will be called ” Khalifa Burger “, after the famous Burj Khalifa, whereas the  price of this sandwich will be 500 dirhams.

Moreover, the menus for this week will be featuring many of the US and the Arab “burgers” dishes, that range in price from 50 to 120 dirhams.

As for the “Firebird Diner” restaurant , it was recently opened in Dubai International Financial Center, and located in the “Four Seasons” hotel. It  is a great combination of the famous master chef Michael Mina’s ideas, with the American architect Adam Tihany’s design.

Michael Mina- Khalifa Burger  new sandwich in Dubai

One of the weirdest things regarding to burger and burger restaurants,  we’d like to mention a bizarre burger restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada. Heart Attack Grill is a restaurant that courted controversy by serving high-calorie menu items with deliberately provocative names. The restaurant’s name is derived from the fact that the burger is unhealthy.

As restaurant is known for being honest about the fact that their food is unhealthy, it has a mockery way to express that in the logo :  Heart Attack Grill, taste worth dying for.  One of the sandwiches the menu includes  ” Quadruple Bypass Burger” weights two pounds. For more bizarreness, the restaurant allows people that weigh over 350 pounds (160 kg) to eat for free.


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