Karisma Ladies Centre & Spa: Your Ultimate, Integrated Destination

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Karisma Ladies Centre & Spa Dubai, an integrated place that is operated by skilled hands and focuses on all the aspects a lady may need to attain a unique, attractive, confident and modern personality. The following article will introduce you to services and facilities of this outstanding place.

This center features Karisma Orchid SPA, an efficient, professional and cool health area, where you can relieve the stress & strains of everyday life. Karisma SPA’s selection of massages includes relaxation, energy and vitality massages, Thai special massage, hot stone massage, as well as dedicated massages for certain parts of the body that is subject to fatigue or muscle tensions.

Karisma Orchid SPA
Shape Treatment at Karisma is another service that offers the latest in health technology “to trim a woman to beautiful proportions and give her the look of a stunner”. It also offers great face and body treatments using selective products, which are 100% natural and marine based.

There is also Laylak Salon that professionally provides the best hair care, cuts, coloring, hair type testing and satisfying the taste. It also offers an extensive selection for nail care, such as manicure / pedicure treatments, nail extensions and nail SPA. In addition to that, the Karisma make-up artist is providing guests with the desired look they have always required.

Karisma Ladies Centre is home to very well-equipped Fitness Centre with a specialized female trainer who will customize a special program for each participant, to help make up the body as desired. There is also a covered Swimming Pool especially designed for different water exercises like aqua aerobic & fitness that can be carried out by all ladies from all age categories. The pool is also used for swimming practices.

Karisma Orchid SPA

Last but not least, Karisma Ladies Centre services include an Auditorium that holds the latest updates on the world of beauty, fashion, health and elegance. It is inviting to attend fashion shows and preview the selected colors for every season, in addition to the latest methods and ideas in the world of make-up and a series of programs focused on the principles of etiquette and advices covering all feminine issues.

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Karisma Ladies Centre

Address: Lamcy Plaza – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
P.O.Box 181414
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: 04 – 33 595 33
Fax: 04 – 33 541 44
Email: info@karismacentre.com

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