Join The Fun At Al Ahli Horse Riding Club

Al Ahli Horse Riding Club 8765967

For those interested in riding/learning to ride horses in Dubai, here we offer you an overview on Al Ahli Horse Riding Club. The club is located in the heart of the city center between Dubai-Sharjah Road, on Amman Street, Al Qusais, Dubai.

It has a team of qualified trainers who professionally teach all the levels of riders, from complete beginners to dressage and showjumping competitors. It also excel in giving private lessons to children and adults and welcome riders with disabilities.

Providing an affordable and accessible horse riding programs to emphasize fun, safe and friendly activities for everyone, Al Ahli riding horse club is considered a leading horse riding organization in Dubai and the UAE.

Al Ahli Horse Riding organization is now a successfully growing animal-rental firm in the UAE, supplying trained animals for Film, TV, Advertising & Video Clips, Events, Weddings and etc.

Al Ahli Horse Riding Club 7668o766

Al Ahli Horse Riding Club
Amman Street, Al Qusais – opposite to LuLu Center, Dubai UAE.
Phone: +971 42988408
Location Map:

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