Join One of the Best Gyms at Dubai

Join One of the Best Gyms at Dubai

Amidst life stress and long working hours, a lot might find it hard to keep fit and watch out for their health and fitness. However, good centers tend to make special programs that ensures you to regain your fitness back. Here in this article, we present you a number of the Best Gyms at Dubai.

Fitness First

Join One of the Best Gyms at Dubai - Fitness First 
Fitness First is one of the bright signs in the UAE and one of the world’s leading health and fitness chains, with 65 clubs – where 27 of them are in the UAE alone- in 49 locations throughout the Middle East in Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan.

Guests of Fitness First can find all the guarantees that ensures them get sports training at the highest levels with modern facilities and specialist personal trainers.

Joining the club for three months is set at cost of AED 2099, whereas annual subscription is set at AED 4199.

Fitness 360

Join One of the Best Gyms at Dubai - fitness 330

Fitness 360 has four centers in Dubai, and it is also considered one of the most famous leading gym centers there.

It achieved great success and was able to drew attention due to the privileges it offers; a great number of best exercise machines and best team of  highly qualified trainers.

Fitness Victory

Fitness Victory

This is one of the finest centers in Dubai with rich amount of the latest sports equipment. Visitor of Fitness Victory enjoy a very high level of luxury, as the center has sauna rooms and steam baths in addition to massage rooms.

The team of foreign trainers and workers there are keen to provide the best services for everyone.

As for prices at Fitness Victory, it costs AED 750 for three months’ subscription , and AED 2500 for annual subscription.


Fit Lab Dubai Creek

This gym center is located in the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, and is one of the most important gyms in the area.  Fit Lab provides a golden opportunity for visitors to get training at the highest level with the latest technology sports equipment. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to access to an external  private swimming pool.

A monthly subscription costs you about AED 750 during summer, while the annual subscription costs AED 600 a month.


Tribe Fit

Also called the “modern gym” due to being one of the newest gyms that offer the finest promotions, in addition to its modern machines and latest equipment. It also offers variety of sports activities like yoga, boxing and others.

This is not everything, as Tribefit is also a health club as it focuses on the human and social sides, and encourage its guests to share in the social events the club organizes, such as beach parties and lunch tables.

An annual subscription at this club costs AED 3588, whereas the three months’ subscription costs AED 399 a month.

Core Direction

Core Direction

This center actually “have it all” for everyone, either for professionals or amateurs, and it is managed by a team of passionate, educated fitness professionals in addition to the latest sports equipment.

Three months’ subscription at Core Direction costs AED, whereas annual subscription costs AED 3,000.

Symmetry Gym

Symmetry Gym - Join One of the Best Gyms at Dubai

What characterizes Symmetry among other gyms in Dubai, is its team of expert  trainers, headed by Ameer Siddiqui. It follows the Fission Fusion Training System – 100% tailored training based on your physiology and psychology delivering maximum results. Joining this gym start at 550 a week, and rises to 10 thousand dirhams for the “Elite Package”.

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