Jannarelly: ًWhen Passion Meets Talent

Anthony Jannarelly and Fredric Juillot in their workshop

Joining talent and passion for cars, Anthony Jannarelly; a car designer, who styles the supercars for W Motors, the Lykan and the Fenyr Supersport,  and Frederic Juillot; car lover, custom boat manufacturer and expert in composite materials, have teamed up to partner under entity JJSpecial to create the new brand: Jannarelly,  focused on automotive emotions. “We believe in self-expression and creativity with an open minded approach”, they say.
 Jannarelly - Anthony

Jannarelly has a facility in Dubai, UAE where Anthony Jannarelly and Frederic Juillot have already identified opportunities to expand on the same site. The facility was located in Dubai as they both live and work in the UAE in the expanding car industry and boat industry.

“A Jannarelly is a start of an emotional journey through the essence of motoring: the thrill of driving, the emotion of owning a beautiful object expressing personality, with the free spirit of the golden age of sports cars”, the team say.

Jannarelly -98789

“Jannarelly sports cars are small-scale series of hand built vehicles mostly made from in-house components. The result: quality in the details and efficient cost”.

Jannarelly has lately unvield the Jannarelly Design-1 car; a roadster, 2 seats, steel tubular frame and structural aluminum panels for the chassis, rear mid-engine V6 DOHC 24-valve , rear wheel drive, fiberglass or carbon fiber body. “We want our clients to express their personality and passion through the creative effort and love they will put into their car”, they say.

Janarelly- Design-1

The special launching edition of Design-1  is limited to 30 cars and priced at 55,000 USD (European price is around 75,000 Euros).

Website: http://www.jannarelly.com/

Jannarelly  Automotive
Equation Composites LLC
DY 105 – Al Jadaf

General Enquiries:
+971 5 66 93 06 63

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