Indian Restaurants with Delhi atmosphere in Abu Dhabi

Indian Restaurants with Delhi atmosphere in Abu Dhabi

Always been said, “If you want to visit the world, go to the UAE,” This is a country that opened its doors to everybody, and it has many multinational restaurants especially Indian restaurants, which occupies a prominent place among many eastern dishes fans in the emirate, where every restaurant differs from the other in the uniqueness of it’s cuisines and methods for food preparation.

Uaezoom chose for you, the most memorable of these restaurants in the capital city Abu Dhabi, do not miss reading this article.

Angar Restaurant

* Angar Restaurant: Indian traditional flavors, modern touch, this is what you can expect in this Indian fine-dining restaurant at Yas Viceroy Abu Dhabi, where the restaurant offers diners a unique approach to Indian cuisine, taking traditional Indian flavors and spices and giving them a deliciously modern twist. Specialties include marinated meats and seafood rich in flavor, served directly from the tandoor with the freshest naan and roti.

Address: Viceroy Yas Island Hotel

Contact: 026560600


* Tanjore Restaurant: The restaurant offers a selection of Indian cuisine tailored in traditional tailored in traditional tandoori clay ovens, in a list of the most delicious Indian flavors, prepared using the freshest ingredients, to represent each dish, including innovative masterpiece.

Address: Hotel & Resort Dana eye, the eye

Contact: 037046000

Spice Mela

* Spice Mela Restaurant: At an intimate setting with a view of the waterfront in Abu Dhabi and behind it the skyscrapers, Spice Mela Restaurant offers luxurious Indian fried foods.

Address: Rosewood Hotel, Abu Dhabi Al Mariah Island

Contact: 028135550


* Rangoli Restaurant: Rangoli Restaurant serves northern and southern Indian cuisine in a contemporary setting, complemented with a modern presentation and an extensive beverage list.

Mingled with tinkling and jingling of chic tableware, the freshly cooked dishes from tandoor will transport you to a faraway location .

Address: Yas Island Rotana Hotel

Contact: 026564000


* Indigo Restaurant: “Indigo” restaurant is located near Abu Dhabi Mall, Indigo is a modern Indian restaurant with an avant garde approach on North Indian cuisine, yet offering choices for the traditional palate. Guests will find contemporary favourites on the menu such as biryanis, kebabs and chaat. The signature dish that features on the menu at Indigo is the Sikhandari Raan – pot-roasted leg of baby lamb.

Address: Beach Rotana Hotel, Al Zahiyah

Contact: 026979000


* Ushna restaurant: Ushna combines signature Indian dishes with contemporary styling, stunning interiors, and animpeccable service that has made it the restaurant of choice for fine Indian cuisine in Abu Dhabi. The restaurant has one of the best locations in the city with a beautiful terrace offering scenic views of the marina and the Grand Mosque creating a truly distinct ambience ideal for a relaxing meal.

Address: Souk Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi

Contact: 025581769

India Palace

* India Palace Restaurant: India Palace Restaurant offers several innovative options of modern Indian cuisine with a rich menu includes a mix of traditional Indian dishes in a modern and comfortable atmosphere.

Address: Salam Street

Contact: 026448777/026904422/025532259


Biryani Pot

* Biryani Pot Restaurant: “Biryani Pot”, is precisely Indian Restaurant specializes in providing the famous biryani dish, which is very popular dish not only in India but also around the world.

Address: Galleria, Al Mariah Island

Contact: 026766555

De Thali

* De Thali Restaurant: If you are in Abu Dhabi and looking for budget Indian Cuisine restaurant, then this is the place to go for. Nice ambiance with old Indian Hindi songs. Service and food quality both are good.

Address: Madinat Zayed Centre

Contact: 026278644


* Avasa Restaurant: The restaurant offers a great mix of traditional and contemporary Indian dishes, which takes you on a pleasant trip through the culture of Indian food to enjoy the real flavor of Indian spices.

Address: St. Regis, Saadiyat Island Resort

Contact: 026742221

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