IN VIDEO : Zaman Lawal Heritage Village

IN VIDEO : Zaman Lawal Heritage Village

For those interested in getting to know about culture and meet customs of the old life of the UAE, Zaman Lawal Heritage Village is a great place to take you back to the past in a memorable journey.

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Zaman Lawal, meaning the ‘old times’ or ‘old days’, allows you to use all your senses and truly live like a Bedouin throughout its various range of activities, such as:

Falconry Show, where you get to know different kinds of local falcons showcased by falcon experts and owners. The show includes a hunting segment called Telwah where the falcon is trained to hunt prey.

Saluki (Greyhound) Show, where Zaman Lawal introduces you to the different types of greyhounds, hold a greyhound race, and hunt duck, chicken, and rabbit with the greyhounds.

Traditional Cooking Activity, where you will be introduced to traditional cooking methods and preparing simple dishes such as Jami, yogurt, Qurs Al Badu, Rqaq bread, local bread and Khameer.

Lessons In Emirati Traditions, where boys and girls are taught about Emirati customs and traditions, such as how to greet people, welcome guests, serve coffee, and other habits.

Other activities include traditional games, sand biking , star gazing, henna design, safari trip, desert walks and others.

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You can also have an Emirati dining experience at Naqa At-Teir Restaurant & Coffee Shop at the Zaman Lawal Heritage Village. It gives you the opportunity to taste unique flavours from Emirati culture, with traditional Emirati dishes made using recipes passed down through the ages and refined over the years.

At Zaman Lawal Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi, you’ll have an opportunity to be transported to a time where an authentic way of life can be experienced in all its glory and rosy hues.

Zaman Lawal Heritage Village

Adderss: 34th Street, New Shabiya, Remah- Al Ain 200800
Remah, Al Ain, UAE
P.O. Box 200800

Phone: +971 3 702 0 001
Fax: +971 3 702 0 002


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