How to book Hala Taxi in Dubai?

book Hala Taxi in Dubai

Taxi service in the global metropolises meets the essential needs for entrepreneurs, tourists and even citizens alike, which enables you to get a high-style car with a professional driver who preserves your privacy and agrees with your aspirations .

In this framework Dubai Taxi Corporation and the RTA established ” Hala Taxi ” service, it is a unique service for the customers to book the taxis through RTA Reservation & Taxi Dispatch Centre.   RTA  has designated taxi ranks for the facility of parking HALA TAXIS.  Once the driver receive the dispatch job from RTA call center, Taxis will be dispatched to the customer destination from the nearest taxi rank.

How to book Hala Taxi in Dubai

“Hala Taxi” can be rented by smartphones or applications through the following telephone number 04 2080808: to serve, “Hala Taxi” in Dubai for short distances, or VIP services.

When requesting the service you will find top model drivers, characterized by gentleness morals, and there records do not contain any complaints or accidents. It should be noted that the tariff counter starts with AED 50 and you can pay by cash or credit cards.

The Dubai Taxi service has not forgotten people with special needs, women and the elderly, through the provision of specialized cars meet their needs that take them to and from the airport or through the rest of the emirate.

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