Holy Quran Park in Dubai: A Park With A Purpose

Holy Quran Park in Dubai- A Park With A Purpose

This is one of Dubai’s newest green spaces under development project, and might be one of the most interesting theme parks for some people. Holy Quran Park is one of the most important Dubai Municipality’s creative initiatives in the field of establishing parks and increasing green areas in Dubai.

Dubai Municipality states in Instagram: “This park is considered a great opportunity to explain many of the meanings and miracles that are included in Quran in scientific and medical fields. Additionally, the park explains the benefits of the plants that are mentioned in the Holy Quran”.

On the other hand, Hussain Nasser Lootah, director general of Dubai Municipality, notes: “ The Holy Quran Park is one of the most prestigious projects of the civic body”. “Not only the UAE but the entire tourist world is waiting to visit the park without patience”, he adds.

Covering 60-hectares- about 640,000 square metres, the park includes numerous facilities such as the Islamic garden, administration building, children play areas, Umrah corner, outdoor theatre, miracle show area, recitation of stories from the Quran, bathrooms, fountains, glasshouse, desert garden, lake, palm oasis, running and cycling tracks.

One of the most characterized areas in the park is named ‘the miracles of Quran’, which will include an air-conditioned tunnel to show miracles and stories of the Quran. Moreover, it will include an Islamic garden where you will find many of the 54 plants mentioned in the Holy Quran, including banana, barley, basil, cucumbers, corn, garlic, ginger, fig, lentil, onion, olive, leek, pomegranate, onion, wheat, watermelon, vineyards, pumpkin and others.

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