“Heart of Sharjah” Project Is Yet To Come

The Heart of Sharjah Project Is Yet To Come 65

The Heart of Sharjah project is a new project carried out by Sharjah Investment and Development Authority and Shurooq, to be founded on a place of rich tradition where the first families took up residence in their new stone-built homes. It is the largest historical preservation and restoration project in the region.

Planned over a 15 year period, to be completed by 2025, The Heart of Sharjah project aims at renovating the heritage district in the city to become a vibrant cultural destination by “unraveling a glorious past” to be discovered to the current and the future generations.

The project  is planned to achieve a number of main goals, such a restoring historical buildings, constructing new structures following traditional Sharjah architecture and transforming them into hotels, restaurants, cafes, art galleries and markets.

The Heart of Sharjah Project Is Yet To Come

This long-term project is also aimed at enhancing the walkability around Heart of Sharjah to improve the overall accessibility to the district. In this context, it will have taxi stands, bus stops, underground parking and water taxis drop-offs in order to provide visitors with more convenient ways to enjoy the cultural and arts hub of Sharjah.

It worth noting that despitr the project is still under constructions,  it is already home to annual events and is on the list of candidates to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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